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We are looking for the best B737& B747 pilots!

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Quick Facts

IATA Code: Y8                                                                  Callsign: Yangze River

Founded in 2002 as Yangtze River Express                 

Present Aircraft: 25

4 x Boing B747

21 x Boing B737 (classic and NG)

1 x Boing B787



The airline


Suparna Airlines is an airline that started operation in 2002 as a cargo airline.

Initally the name of the company was Yangtze River express.

After more than 10 years of safe operation and several awards from aviation authorities for the safety record, the airline started to do freight and passenger flights in 2015 with the new brand name Suparna Airlines.

Suparna Airlines belongs to the HNA group which is the biggest group of airlines in China.

You may ask: Another airline with passenger flights in the Shanghai area? Does it make sense? Yes, the idea of Suparna Airlines is to create a new generation airline company for a new life style.

The airline has a high reputation and experience as a cargo airline and the passenger load factor is very high.

What are the advantages for pilots working for Suparna Airlines?


  • You don´t have a B737 or B747 type rating but would like to fly this aircraft? Suparna has the best options for Non type rated captains on these aircraft types in China. Please find more information below…
  • Very safe and financially stable airline.
  • Operating base for pilots in Shanghai! Shanghai is the best city for
  • The airline offers 4 roster options for pilots and more are likely to come.  You can choose which roster fits most to your work life time balance.
  • The company is growing – more international passenger flights and more aircraft are expected soon. If you start to be a pilot for Suparna now, you can expect to be join an exceptional growing team and airline.
  • You are interested to fly Boeing B787? Suparna Airlines is operating Boeing B787 aircraft and is considering to order more B787 aircraft.

For the time you may expect to start to fly as a B737/B747 pilot in with a chance to change to B787!

Non Type Rating options:

Suparna is looking for a lot of B737 and B747 pilots. Because there are not enough pilots with B737/B747 type rating available in China, Suparna Airlines is offering a type rating training on this aircraft type.

There are two options:

Option 1: 

You pay 30.000 USD for the B737 and 50.000 USD for the B747 type rating. In this case you are free to leave the company and employment contract at any time.

Option 2: 

Suparna Airlines is paying for the training. In this case your monthly salary will be reduced for two years. During this two years the reduction will be equal to the training expense. The training expenses will be reimbursed to you in according to the following

  • If you leave the company before 3 years of service: no reimbursement
  • If you leave the company between 3 and 5 years of service: 50 % reimbursement
  • If you leave the company at the end of the contract: 100 % reimbursement

During the type rating training (from the start of training until the type rating is in the CAAC license) the pilot will get a monthly payment of 65% of the basic salary.


  • Base – Shanghai.
  • Contract: 5 years, renewable
  • Attractive Salary Options (Tax Free!) and Roster Options:
    • 100% resident                 -up to 294,000 dollars a year
    • 9 days off per month       -up to 246,000 dollars a year      
    • 45 days on/15 days off    -up to 232,000 dollars a year     


Why Pilot4Pilots?

  • We support you in managing all necessary steps from the application, screening to living and flying in Asia.
  • Due to our experience as pilots in China and a dedicated team we can provide first-hand information and on-site support.
  • We guide you to success in China and an unforgettable professional experience!



  • ATPL
  • Medical class 1
  • ICAO English Level 4 or equivalent
  • 5000 hours total flight time
  • 500+ hours PIC on B737 or B737
  • Age limit of 55 years at the time of application