Captain Airbus A320 - Spring Airlines

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Remuneration Chart


Quick facts

IATA code: 9C                                                 ICAO code: CQH

callsign: Airspring

Presernt Aircraft: Airbus A320

75 x Airbus A320

International employed Pilots: +/- 140

The Airline:

Chinas first low cost airlines Spring Airlines (in Chinese Spring Autumn Airlines) was founded in 2005. 

The airline is connected to Spring Travel, one of the biggest tour operators in China. In 2009 the airline started international flights to East- and Southeast Asia. One of the advantages of the airline for pilots is that you can expect frequent layover stays in Thailand, Singapore and Japan. 

Further information:

  • The success rate among applicants is extremely high.
  • 80% of the pilots renew their contracts after an initial period of 3 years. This is due to the excellent overall benefits and salary package.
  • Ease of salary transfer. Each pilot receives a tax assessment. For this reason, the pilot’s salary can easily be transferred to any bank account in any country worldwide. With other employers in China, sometimes salary transfers can be quite difficult!
  • The employment contract is concluded directly with Spring Air, without a recruitment agency being involved. This ensures that the pilot receives his salary without delay.
  • Within the company, foreign pilots are respected as equal colleagues. Furthermore, they have their own department to ensure on-the-job training in English as well as job satisfaction.
  • The company is highly profitable and the planes are always fully booked.
  • Spring Air pilots are based in Shanghai, China’s number one city that allows foreigners to retain a Western lifestyle.
  • As an alternative, pilots have the option to be based in Osaka or Bangkok.


Contract: 3 years, renewable

Roster Options:

  1. China-based living – 40 days holiday – monthly salary $ 23,413
  2. 6 weeks work / 2 weeks off                – monthly salary $ 22,213
  3. 6 weeks work / 3 weeks off                – monthly salary $ 21,113

Additional payments and bonuses:

  • $10,000 for home leave
  • $12,000 (option 1,2,3) otherwise $10,000 (option 4) – safety bonus
  • $6,000 (option 1,2,3) otherwise $5,000 (option 4) as an annual bonus
  • fuel saving bonus

During ground training, a daily allowance of $300 and the accommodation will be paid.



Requirements for A320 Captains:

  • ATPL
  • Medical class 1
  • ICAO English Level 4
  • 3000 hours total flight time
  • 1000 hours PIC on Airbus A320
  • Age limit of 55 years at the time of application