Captain Airbus A320 - Loong Air

Job description






Quick facts

IATA Code: GJ                                              ICAO code: CDC

Callsign: Gualong

Base for pilots: Hangzhou

Aircraft fleet: 25

22 x Airbus A320

 3 x Boeing B737 (cargo operation)

The Airline:  

The Airline Loong Air was established in 2011 as the first local passenger and cargo airline in Zhejiang Province. The headquarter is located n Hangzhou. 

You may ask: Why should I consider to apply for this airline?

There are many reasons:


The location of the pilots operating base (Hangzhou) is only one hour by high speed train away from Shanghai. 

Pilots can easily take a flight to their home country from Hangzhou and from Shanghai. 

The quality of living in Hangzhou is one of the best in China. In the city you can enjoy very traditional and very modern areas. Some cultural events and the expat community will help you to keep a social live. 


The Airline is financialy very stable and new aircraft orders are announced. The aircrafts are allways fully booked!


Compared with other Airbus A320 Airlines in China the salary and benefits in Loong Air is one of the best.

The airline has a very generous overtime payments ($ 350 for every hour above 70 hours / month) 


The overall package of the contract is the best we was able to find for you!


  • Fantastic Salary Options (Tax Free!) and Roster Options:
    • China-based living – 45 days holiday – up to $ 310,000 / year
    • 6 weeks work / 2 weeks off                 – up to $ 284,000 / year
    • 6 weeks work / 3 weeks off                 – up to $ 261,400 / year
    • 4 weeks work / 4 weeks off                 – up to $ 206,000 / year

Why Pilot4Pilots?

  • We support you in managing all necessary steps from the application, screening to living and flying in Asia.
  • Due to our experience as pilots in China, we can provide first-hand information and on-site support.
  • We guide you to success in China and an unforgettable professional experience!



Requirements for A320 Captains:

  • PIC 500+ hours
  • Total flight time: 3000+ hours
  •  Last flight within 12 months
  • Last SIM check with 12 months
  • ICAO level 4+
  • First Class Medical Certificate 
  • Maximum age 57
  • Valid ATPL License
  • Valid Passport