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Pilot 4 Pilots – The full service agency

Pilot4Pilots is specialized in the recruitment of foreign pilots to Chinese airline companies –  You can expect an excellent salary, comfortable work time options, and the experience of living in an incredibly multifaceted land – China! We support you in managing all necessary steps from the application, screening to living and flying in Asia. Due to our experience as pilots in China and thanks to our know-how as expats in China, we can provide first-hand information and on-site support. Pilot4Pilots recommends and presents exclusively selected and practically tested tips and advice. We guide you to success in China and an unforgettable professional experience!

We offer you:

  • Best preparation for the application procedure
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary documents
  • Assistance during and after the application process
  • Comprehensive and honest information on the living conditions on site
  • Good reachability and fast feedback
  • First-hand information. We only recommend airlines with a pilot as contact person

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B737& B747 Captains
Suparna Airlines
  • Shangai, China
Non-Type Rated B737& B747 Captains
Suparna Airlines
  • Shangai, China

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Harald Weigmann (CEO and Captain A320)
After 22 years of being a pilot in different parts of the world and airlines, Harald is currently flying in China. He understands the questions and the concerns you may have to fly in a different environment. He provides you with first hand information.
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Misty (Pilot Recruiter and Airline Relation Manager)
Misty has an experience of over 17 years working in the Aviation Industry in China. She has a good relationship with many airlines in China, understands how they operate, and will be able to answer questions pilots may have about living / working in China
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Ana (Pilot Recruiter / Application Manager)
Ana has a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources. She has HR management experience and has recruited worldwide talent for a variety of industries for over 10 years. Since 2017, she provides support and advice to the pilots before and during the application

Information about China / living and working conditions

things you need to know / we would like to share with you

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living and working in China

yes, there are a lot of rumors and storys about the experience of pilots working in China.

But you may ask - what is it really like? One of the ideas of Pilot4Pilots is to give you an idea about the true situation. Flying in China is a good option and not an adventure!

You can download our flyer about the living and working conditions in China here:

Living and Working in China - Flyer

You can find the following topics in the flyer:



Rumours and truths about Chinese ATPL and Medical  Have you already heared about the Chinese ATPL and Medical on the internet? It`s very confusing. Find out what is true and how you can accomplish it. Why to fly in China?  What is your motivation to fly in China? Living in China You know China from reports on television? How many pilots already visited China? How is it? Can I live there? Flying in China Yes, it is different to fly in China. What can I expect?




Middle East vs China You have to decide between a position in the Middle East or China? Here you can find some tips that help you to decide. Waiting for better times in Europe The reason to fly in China now!




How can I minimize the risk? There are several options to minimize your risk – for example with an insurance policy that covers the CAAC Medical.




Which agency should I choose?  There are a lot of pilot employment agencies. Why should I choose Pilot4Pilots? Which airline in China? There are some special considerations when you apply for a Chinese airline.




The application procedure  A lot of information about the screening week and how to prepare.




Tests and examinations passed – what’s next? What do I have to prepare/consider before starting to work in China?

About the Screening

Depending on the airline, the screening takes about one week.

This week takes place in China and consists of the following sections:

  • CAAC Medical

  • Interview

  • CAAC ATPL test
  • Simulator screening

Pilot4Pilots assists in the preparation for each section.

Overview of what to expect:



The Medical is a bit more comprehensive and the results are valued more strictly.


  • Arrive rested at the Medical

  • Visit your doctor approximately 1 month before the Medical for a health check

  • Daily endurance training

  • High-fibre and low-fat diet. If necessary, additional intake of omega 3 tablets
  • Wearers of glasses – get a second pair of glasses with current prescription.

Pilot4Pilots provides a hotline for all questions concerning the Medical. These questions will be answered by a flight physician and a nutritionist (hotline is free of charge for pilots applying for a job at Pilot4Pilots!)




The interview is generally very short. The focus is on the experience as pilot, not on the psychological characteristics. We will be happy to recommend study guides upon request!




A lot of rumours, no plan how to prepare, and a lot of fear. This is the feedback of most pilots wanting to fly in China.

The facts in brief:

  • 80% of the questions are identical to the FAA question catalogue
  • 2 hour multiple choice test with 100 questions. The test has a 70% pass rate!

  • Those who fail the ATPL test, can take another ATPL test after 28 days.

Pilot4Pilots provides comprehensive help regarding the ATPL test preparation.

The following material and learning tools are available at Pilot4Pilots:

  • Textbook for the CAAC ATPL

  • Current question catalogue for the CAAC ATPL

  • One-day course for ATPL preparation.

Those who apply via Pilot4Pilots and do the screening, get their money back immediately.

Simulator Check


The simulator check during the screening is demanding but can be passed. Pilot4Pilots provides good material for preparation. Apart from that, experienced Airbus Type Rating Instructors with proper TRTO are available for questions and requests.

Do you still need a LPC or do you want to prepare for the screening in the simulator? Contact us! We are here for you!

Living in China


How does the food taste?

        The food in China is different from the dishes we know from our Chinese restaurants in the West. There is an incredible number of different dishes and regional differences.
        You will be amazed at the large number of restaurants offering meals from around the world. Finding food from home should not be a problem! 

How is the political situation?

        Most Chinese people are very apolitical and won't want to discuss politics. However, you will find that many Chinese are very interested in
        Western culture (i.e. entertainment, sports, hobbies, etc.) and will be very happy to talk about it with you.

How are the people?

        People in China are friendly but reserved. Knowing a few words in Chinese will open doors. 

Are there many social rules to respect?

        No, there aren’t. The Chinese don’t expect much from Laowei’s (the general Chinese term for foreigners). If you are ever unsure about the proper social etiquette in any situation, it is always ok to ask. You will find Chinese people to be very helpful
        as it shows respect for their culture.

What is the biggest challenge?

        The biggest challenge is certainly the communication. In a few very large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, many people understand English. Please take this into consideration when choosing your employer and home base.

Can I take my children to China?

        There are international schools in the bigger cities. In Shanghai, there are even two German schools. The curriculum is similar to the curriculum in Germany. 

Working in China


What does the labour contract look like?

        The labour contract given to you in Chinese and English. The rules contained in the labour contract are composed according to Chinese law but are very similar to American and European labour contracts, especially in terms of cancellation period, work time regulation, etc. 

How long am I allowed to work in China?

The employer applies for a resident permit at the relevant authority during the performance of the labour contract. This permit is valid for 12 months and will be extended accordingly.

Is health insurance coverage necessary?

        Yes, health insurance coverage is important. There are low-cost health insurance plans available for expats. It is advisable to talk to your original health insurance
        company in order to get insured again after your stay in China.

Flying in China


How is the atmosphere among the crew members?

        The cabin crew is shortly briefed. Afterwards there is hardly any contact. This can be attributed to a high level of respect for Captains in China.

How is the atmosphere in the cockpit?

        Of course there is a hierarchy in the cockpit. The captain decides how flat this hierarchy is. In the simulator the mood is often tense whereas the atmosphere during a scheduled flight is balanced and relaxed. 

What is the difference in the cockpit compared to the West?

        In the West and in the East attention is always paid to safety. While in the West the situation is valued with common sense, in the East you act according to the given regulations. Even though there are more regulations than back home, the pilot is ALWAYS in command of the plane and can
        take immediate action whenever necessary. After all, that's your job. 

Application procedure


How long does the application procedure take?

        The application procedure usually takes 3-4 months.

What are the differences? What do I have to take into account?

        The Medical is approximately the same as regards the examination but stricter in the evaluation. If you have prepared well, you should easily pass the Medical.

How do I prepare for the ATPL?

It can be extremely confusing and time consuming to find question catalogues on the internet (and many of them are out of date and poorly organized)! Our question catalogue is up-to-date and well structured. Besides the material, Pilot4Pilots also offers preparation seminars.

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Yes - we know - you have a lot of questions before you apply and during the application process. 

You can contact us any time and we will give you a quick feedback as soon as the next recruiter is available. 






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